I make commissioned illustrations for:

books – advertising – websites – magazines – presentations – flyers/folders – exhibition-books – goverment/public buildings – brokers/architects – a personal artwork made for jou


Infographics to show you how stuf works or to make difficult processes visible.

Short animations

Animations can play a supportive role or just being a graphic extra.

Animation culture policy Gemeente Westerveld.

Animation that shows the effects of intensive cotton cultivation.

Animation that shows how tourists aren`t really charmed about green beaches full of algea and stay away. Algea harvesting to use algea as a raw material for lot`s of possibillities.

Animation that shows a process of algea harvesting up to making a yarn from it. A yarn to be used in textile to make clothing.

Animated logo Atlantic Advies commissioned by webdesign Holtien11


• Magazine Noorderbreedte – illustration ‘City of the Future’

• Stichting Cultuurfonds Westerveld – designing a book

• Garage Jubbega – illustrated company history

• Apotheek St Andreas Velden (Limburg) – illustration in waitingroom printed on an accoustic wall

• Stiching Samen Energie Neutraal – infographic for website

• Illustrated book cover ‘Dwarsbongel’ van Rolf Hoevenberg

• Passie voor Cijfers – illustrations for postcards and website

• Dalen 100 procent aardgasvrij – infographic

• ‘Spekkies met prik’ – flyers

• illustrated family history – private commission

• Gemeente Westerveld – designing culture policy

• Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven – multiple illustrations