‘As a child I was always walking around with a photo camera or drawing something. Literally sketchbooks full of drawings!’

Arne graduated in 2017 at the art academy Minerva in Groningen and is now full time art maker/illustrator. You can watch him working by visiting his workshop at Dieversluis.

Arne makes drawings where you can look and discover new things every time. He wants us to take a journey into the drawings to discover. He draws with lot`s of detail and a bit of humor at times. And sometimes he inverts reality with his drawings.

Unique gift
He can make commissioned art with for example an unique way to portray your family history too. A nice gift to get!

For businesses
He makes commissioned art for companies. For example a wall filling drawing in the waiting room of a pharmacy.

BIC biro
Suprisingly he makes every drawing just with a simple BIC ballpoint. One of the new developments is the use of color in some of his works. He adds color by using the computer. Arne let his artworks printing in a limited edition of usually 5 to sometimes 10 pieces by smaller artworks. Every artwork is signed with it`s edition count, so you can see wich one you have.